Youth Pastor: Marcella Garcia


Chosen is the youth department of Family Worship Center of Waco, Texas. Sharing the Word of God, we tackle the social issues every young person will face in school: drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, tobacco, education, character, and relationships. We teach the moral values shared by community & church leaders such as equality, honesty, responsibility, respect for cultural differences, and the need for positive behavior. As Family Worship Center becomes a stronger voice in the community throughout Waco, Texas, we are able to empower young people and families to make strong, healthy choices for Christ-centered living.



Sunday Morning- 10:00am

Wednesdays- 6:30pm


It is the mission of Chosen to reach out to a dying, hurting, and emotionally drained generation by impacting our nation’s youth. We are leading students to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and introducing them to the power of the Holy Spirit; Disciplining them so they will reduce high-risk activities & behaviors; Improving strong leadership skills with Godly family-living in our nation at a local level; Challenging every student to be of the same thoughts, words, vision, direction, and purpose, all in unity as the body of Christ Jesus.

John 15:16

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