volunteer & serving

Little Lambs

Ages: Newborn to 2 years

Contact: Erika Leal

Sundays for 10:00am service

Duties: working with babies, changing diapers, feeding babies age appropriate food, and getting to play with their adorable faces!

Kingdom Kids

Ages: 2 to 5 

Contact: Karla Rivera

Sundays for 10:00 am service

Duties: teaching/assisting with pre-made lesson plans (there is more than one helper), dancing to music, serving snacks, taking kids to playgrounds, and simply getting to act as goofy as you can!

Christ Like Kids

Ages: 5-11

Contact: Zavier Garcia

Sundays for 9:00am or 10:00am service

Duties: teaching/assisting with pre-made lesson plans (there is always at least 2 teachers in every service), dance, eat snacks, play on the playground, make arts and crafts and more!


Ages: 6th grade to 12th grade

Contact: Marcella Garcia

Youth leaders would be available for Wednesday evening service, Friday Night Fellowships, Fundraisers, etc.

Duties: Serve on Wednesday night services and be an overall Christ-like example in your public and personal relationship with Christ.

Scrubbing Servants

Contact: Marcella Garcia

Weekdays (call/text for time)

Duties: clean windows, vacuum, wipe tables, and have fun! We get to clean the church so it looks great for Service!


Contact: Matt Lopez

Sundays mornings, both 9am and 10:30am services and/or Wednesday evening service 7pm

Duties: receiving offerings from congregation


Contact: Maria Aguilar

Sundays before 9:00am or 10:00am service and Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Duties: greet the congregation with a smiling face and open arms, hand out tithe envelopes and flyers